Noem Makes Gawker As a "Hottie"???

I was shocked to read this article on gawker today. I guess she really is the new Michelle Bachmann.

South Dakota Congresswoman-elect Kristi Noem narrowly won the election season's "hottest race" — the one with two under-40 female candidates — last week. And now her drooling male colleagues in Washington may give her a spot in the leadership!Noem is a true Mama Grizzly, a Tea Party favorite and mother who lives on a ranch in South Dakota. A campaign ad of her doing ranch stuff while complaining about the national debt and unknowingly posing for the next GOP Babes calendar is above.
John Boehner likes what he sees, and will make her extremely powerful right away:
Washington (CNN) – Three senior House GOP leadership sources told CNN on Monday that they are planning to add a leadership slot for a freshman member.
Two of the sources said that South Dakota's Kristi Noem has expressed interest in the leadership post and appears to have the backing of the current GOP leadership.
Think we're being too shallow in our analysis of why she's likely to get the spot?
If she got the spot, it could help the new House Republican majority with two issues: bringing someone associated with the Tea Party movement into the leadership fold, and adding another woman.
Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who also would fit those criteria, is running for caucus chair but is not expected to beat Jeb Hensarling of Texas, who also is running.
So long, Michele Bachmann. It's over. You're through. America will now coast on the KristiWave.



Anonymous said…
And once again you leave out the more relevant points. So at the risk of exceeding my 250 word opinion limit, and offending your fine sensitivities regarding the Herseth-Weasel loss, I’ll point out our net gains. Say hello to the Lewis and Clark funding restoration. Noem will get at least one plum earmark, since she’s actually a real Republican, and doesn’t just play one on TV. A GOP leadership position within Republican House majority is good strategy. You and the Argus Executive Editor should’ve realized years ago that only a Republican House member from SD has the best chances of protecting SD interests.

Kurt the Troll

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