Live Ledge #129: RIP Drazzle

We at realpunkradio lost a great friend last weekend. Wait, let me take that back. The world lost a great person a few days ago. David Scott Rasile, aka "Drazzle", not only operated heavy machinery but he was an internet radio machine. He hosted three shows on our network - Paddy O'Punk, Coffee Time With Drazzle, and Music From the Far Side. The wealth of knowledge this man housed inside his head was completely beyond anything I could ever hope for.
Besides his iron man abilities as a DJ, Drazzle was an even better man. His wife and daughter were clearly the true loves of his life, and he talked about them on every episode of his programs. The Coffee Time episode he put together just a day or two after his mother died last year may have been the most heartfelt show I've ever heard.
Being as my two shows followed his on the realpunkradio schedule, there was no doubt that I had to put together something special to commemorate his great life. This was a bigger project than I could do alone, though, so I called upon others to assist me. Tonight's show featured commentary and requests from not only current DJ's, but former RPR jocks, friends, and even a listener. There are elements of all three of his shows in tonight's broadcast, including his usual Johnny Cash min-set and his "Pride of Cleveland" section. Plus, there are a few clips of Drazzle himself, including an exceprt from his last ever set break.
It's a really special show that I think everybody should check out, despite the technical snafus that plagued the first hour. I lost my internet signal twice, and at one point my mic input also malfunctioned. I'd like to think that it was a cruel, cruel joke by my old buddy, Draz. Cheers, my friend. You can't imagine how greatly you are missed.
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1. The Replacements, Here Comes A Regular
2. Church of the Lazy Bastards, Torn
3. Craic, Steppin' Out
4. The Bloody Irish Boys, Drink Drink Drink
5. The Tossers, Buckets of Beer
6. Marty Robbins, Big Iron r
7. Johnny Cash, Cocaine Blues
8. Johnny Cash, Big River
9. Leadbelly, Rock Island Line
10. Rocket From The Tombs, Sonic Reducer
11. Pere Ubu, Final Solution
12. Lords Of The New Church, World Without End
13. Dead Boys, Ain't It Fun
14. Pagans, Street Where Nobody Lives
15. Rubber City Rebels, Rubber City Rebels
16. New Bomb Turks, Up for a Downslide
17. The Cramps, New Kind Of Kick
18. Devo, Come Back Jonee
19. Johnny Thunders, You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
20. Pretenders, Kid
21. Jane Aire & the Belvederes, When I Was Young
22. Joan Jett, You Don't Know What You've Got
23. Naked Raygun, Wonder Beer
24. The White Stripes, The Air Near My Fingers
25. Bouncing Souls, Bulling The Jukebox
26. Wazmo Nariz, Checking out the Checkout Girl
27. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, Danny Boy


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