Live Ledge #130: Halloween

It's my new favorite tradition - a Halloween-themed episode sometime before the big day. In past years, though, it's been a breeze to pick out songs for this show. Not this year. Where are all the new punk rock tunes about ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and everything else associated with this great holiday? Since I try to not duplicate past shows, it became a worrisome process to produce a usable setlist for the night.
Worrisome until earlier this week, when a great new album was released. Mondo  Zombie Boogaloo is collaboration between Los Straitjackets, Southern Culture on the Skids, and The Fleshtones. Each band produced a handful of songs, and then everybody sang on the Spanish-language version of "Monster Mash". Now I have a show!
This is the perfect soundtrack to play when the neighbor kids come over for candy next Thursday. Play it loud, and play it proud! Grab this from iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. Nouvelle Vague, Bela Lugosi's Dead
2. Southern Culture On The Skids, The Loneliest Ghost In Town
3. Southern Culture On The Skids, Tingler Blues
4. Southern Culture On The Skids, Demon Death
5. Southern Culture On The Skids, Goo Goo Muck
6. Roky Erickson, I Walked with a Zombie
7. Roky Erickson, If You Have Ghosts
8. The Sonics, The Witch
9. Black Lips, You Must Be a Witch
10. No Direction, Graveyard
11. Thee Oh Sees, Grown in a Graveyard
12. John Wesley Coleman, My Grave
13. Snakeout, They Come Out Of Their Graves
14. The Fleshtones, Ghoulman Confidential
15. The Fleshtones, (Sock It To Me Baby) In The House Of Shock
16. The Fleshtones, Haunted Hipster
17. The Fleshtones, Dracula A Gogo
18. The Pop Project, Give Me Corporate Candy Or Give Me Death
19. Low Culture, I Feel Your Ghost
20. Swamp Sisters, Leader of the Wolf Pack
21. The Muldoons, Building Franky
22. The Healers, Ghosts
23. The Bubblegum Hearts, The Ghost of Vincent Price
24. The 3-D Invisibles, Go-Go Ghost
25. The 3-D Invisibles, Gorilla Mummy
26. The Misfits, Horror Business
27. The Misfits, Ghouls Night Out
28. The Misfits, Science Fiction/Double Feature
29. Los Straitjackets, It's Monster Surfing Time
30. Los Straitjackets, Theme From Halloween
31. Los Straitjackets, The Ghoul On The Hill
32. Los Straitjackets, Que Monstruos Son
33. The Hentchmen, Ghost Of John
34. The Brains, Screaming
35. Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy, Bela Lugosi's Dead


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