Live Ledge #282: NE-HI

One of this year's musical highlights is "Offers", the sophomore album from Chicago's NE-HI. To help promote their April 16 show at Total Drag Records in Sioux Falls, SD, guitarist/vocalist Jason Balla chatted with me for the Argus Leader during the band's trip back from six shows at SXSW.

Besides chatting about the record, Balla also talked about some of the other SXSW acts he enjoyed (Dream Wife, White Reaper), and other artists he enjoys (Tim Presley, Broncho, Twin Peaks). There's also a lengthy discussion on influences. Unlike most bands, the members of NE-HI openly talk about their love of the likes of The Bats, Pylon, and many others.

This discussion is the framework that created the rest of tonight's show. Most of these artists are sampled in the last half of the show, including four tracks from the new live Twin Peaks album that Balla witnessed while running sound.

I really need to thank Balla for such a great chat, and I hope you guys enjoy the wide variety of tunes throughout this episode. As always, grab this from the usual online sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. NE-HI, Palm of Hand
2. NE-HI, Prove
3. NE-HI, Buried On The Moon
4. Dream Wife, Lolita
5. Dream Wife, Kids
6. Tim Presley, The Wink
7. Tim Presley, Long Bow
8. Broncho, Jenny Loves Jenae
9. Broncho, New Karma
10. Twin Peaks, Flavor
11. Twin Peaks, Good Lovin'
12. Twin Peaks, Have You Ever?
13. Twin Peaks, Strawberry Smoothie
14. The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Other Side of You
15. The Mighty Lemon Drops, Happy Head
16. The Feelies, Slipping (Into Something)
17. The Bats, Walking Man
18. The Bats, In The Subway
19. The Clean, Stars
20. Pylon, Crazy
21. White Reaper, Judy French
22. White Reaper, The Stack
23. CFM, Lethal Look


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