Blizzard 2005, Day 5 - We Will Survive...Thanks to KELO's Helpful Tips

Where's Cable Boy when we need him?

Things I learned from my friends at KELO:

1. Slow down if the roads are slick. (Really? I would have never thought about that.)

2. Wear layers of clothing when clearing snow. (Damn, I wanted to go out in my boxers.)

3. Give the snowplows plenty of room to do their work. (Personally, I like to get as close to them as possible. That way I'm always driving on the cleanest section of the road.)


Anonymous said…
you have to admit that "don't crowd the plow" is alot better than "highway workers-give 'em a break".
Anonymous said…
What I learned on KELOLAND last week:

1. A blizzard is coming. It can kill you.
2. Driving on our roads. It can kill you.
3. Shoveling or using a snow blower. It can kill you.
4. Using a space heater. It can kill you.
5. Not completely toppling an old building. It can kill your event center plans.

Todd Epp
S.D. Watch

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