I Was Reviewed!!!

Corey of Black Marks on Wood Pulp recently had his blog reviewed by the Weblog Reviewso I thought I'd do the same. I'm sort of happy with the results:

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Rant-a-Bit By Scott Hudson
"Rant". It seems to be the buzz word in the blogging community at present! Nearly every second blog I come across these days has the word "Rant" embedded into it somewhere only to dissapoint with posts that don't resemble a rant at all! This was my main concern while I was waiting for this site to load which it took a long time to do!

Once the page started displaying I could see quickly see why it took so long! The scrollbar on the right of my browser window was rapidly shrinking - almost to the point where I couldn't see it anymore! This blog is big! After a quick scroll down a pre-installed blogger template page, I counted only eight different posts, three of which were extremely brief leaving five incredibly long posts.

On the sidebar we learn that the author is one Scott Hudson who lives in South Dakota. I apologise that that state doesn't mean much to me because this humble reviewer resides in Ireland. Not having any local knowledge slightly hindered my ability to understand what was going on in some of the posts in this blog but thankfully it didn't prevent me from enjoying it because the posts are clearly well thought out and they accurately convey the author's strong feelings towards certain issues. As I said earlier, this blog is big and I suppose this is a suitable time to question the blogs title which is "Rant-a-BIT". I think "Rant-a-LOT" would have been much more fitting title!

Staying on the subject of the content, I was happy to see that the blog isn't all about serious issues and Scott often offers his own spin on light hearted and humorous issues which is just as well because I don't think I could handle rant after rant after rant! If there's one bad thing that can be said about the blog it's that once you've finished reading one page, there is no "Next" or "Previous" link. Instead you have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page and click a suitable link in the archive section of the sidebar which can be incredibly annoying for anyone who wants to read back through the archives which span all the way back to March of 2003 where the posts were just as vast as they are today!

Overall I can say that this blog is well worth the read especially if you like long posts which offer a great insight into the life and personality of the author. If you prefer short and snappy blogs then this blog just isn't for you! Personally, I enjoyed reading it and will probably add it to my growing list of quality blogs in my bookmarks!

This site was reviewed on 2005-12-16 by Murderer.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Murderer felt that Rant-a-Bit By Scott Hudson deserved a rating of 4.5.


Anonymous said…
Holy shit.. a 4.5??

I swear, this blogging community is against me. I got a 3.75 because my site loaded slow, and you got a better score though you had the same problem?


Oh well, at least I can say I've been LINKED by a 4.5 rated site.

(i hate the weblog review)

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