This Week's Poll!!!

Who is Hudsonland's Hottest TV Reporter?
Stacy Steinhagen (KDLT)
Meagan Dorsch (KSFY)
Katie Janssen (KELO)
Annie Chicoine (KDLT)
Shannon Stevens (KSFY)
Jessica Hopkins (KELO)
Jenn Dombrowski (KDLT)
Brittany Benner (KSFY)
Kelli Grant (KELO)
Angel Albert (KSFY)
Anna Peters (KELO)
Nancy Naeve (KSFY)
Jodi Schwann (KELO)
Matt Belanger (KELO)
Wavy (KSFY)


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Anonymous said…

I think Anna Peters is no longer at KELOLAND. And before I could name a Blizzard after her! Dang!

Anonymous said…
You East River kids are missing out... KNBN in Rapid has the hottest reporters. Check them out
Anonymous said…
I agree with KNBN. But check out an old girlfriend of mine:
Jer Bear said…
I had a huge crush on Jolene Loetcher.
revontule said…
this is the funniest thing ive ever seen. i look forward to sitting with my family over Christmas and laughing at Keloland anchors's 'dos and makeup.
Anonymous said…
I could sit around and talk about hot local news reporters all night......
Anonymous said…
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