The War on Free Thinking

If we are to believe a certain fake news network - particularly the star of their most popular show - our country is under attack by a new enemy. We’re not talking about a rogue nation, terrorists, or the threats of WMD’s.
The new enemy resides in our country. I don’t know where these people are, but supposedly there’s a movement to rid our country of it’s most popular, and profitable, holiday – Christmas. (One segment on this channel’s financial news show even recently featured a debate on how this war had the potential to topple Wall Street.)
Since they debuted this rhetoric a couple of weeks ago, I have been forced to encounter a number of people who have completely drank the Kool-Aid. One otherwise intelligent couple told me they were boycotting a department store chain because…well, because they were told to do this. The daily paper seems to have at least one letter on this subject every day, including one a day or so ago from a writer who claimed that stores were no longer stocking Christmas cards. Methinks she just wandered down the wrong aisle. Hell, I’ve even heard that a certain hotel chain is so scared that they’re thinking of changing their name to the Christmas Inn.
Simply put, it’s all B.S. There is no war on Christmas. Television is airing the same Christmas specials, the Muzak in local shops are playing those awful Christmas songs, and middle-aged women can still purchase those tacky seasonal sweaters.
Yes, there are also cards, decorations, and other items that feature the word “holiday”. Guess what? They were also featured last year, the year before that, and decades and decades earlier. I’d like to let you in on a little secret – Christmas is not the only holiday of this time period. That’s why people say – “happy holidays”. Besides the day that celebrates Jesus there’s also the Jewish holy week, New Year’s Eve and Day, and it all begins with Thanksgiving. Isn’t “Happy Holidays” just a shorter version of “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”?
The obvious question is why are the morons at Fox (and the other news networks) perpetuating this myth? Because they can. With no hot teenagers currently missing, and no celebrity trial to fill the 24 hour news cycle, they had to create something to fill the time. Why not create a scandal? They knew it would catch on, as the so-called Moral Majority has always had a persecution complex. Despite the fact that they control everything from the Presidency on down to our local school board, they think there’s some ingenious plot to get them to turn to Satan.
If you consider yourselves one of those that are persecuted, I have something to say to you. While I’m happy for you that you have found a direction for your life, I personally don’t care what it is. And you shouldn’t care about my religious beliefs. I don’t push mine on you, and I expect the same from others. The mere existence of items that accommodate the beliefs of others does absolutely nothing to diminish your beliefs. Hell, if it was up to me every person in the country would listen to the Replacements, drink whiskey, and watch Arrested Development. Unfortunately, I’m outnumbered by fans of Creed, cheap beer, and Everybody Loves Raymond. So what?


Anonymous said…
Amen, Brother Scott!

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