The Ledge, Episode 50: 1985

1985 was an important year for his tubby moron, as I graduated from college. It was also an important year in music. No, I'm not talking about the over-produced garbage or hair metal that was all over the airwaves. I'm talking about indie rock, which suddenly started to make inroads into popular culture. Many of the decade's finest bands put out their best and most influential work during that year, and this episode celebrates the 25th anniversary of some great music. So tune into realpunkradio this Friday at 5 pm central, subscribe through iTunes, or directly download it here.

Here's the setlist:

1. Richard Thompson, 1985

2. The Church, Myrrh

3. The Smiths, The Headmaster Ritual

4. The Cure, Inbetween Days

5. R.E.M., Life and How to Live It

6. Camper Van Beethoven, Ambiguity Song

7. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Just Like Honey

8. The Fall, Spoilt Victorian Child

9. The Lyres, She Pays the Rent

10. Young Fresh Fellows, How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?

11. Hoodoo Gurus, Bittersweet

12. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Wanted Man

13. Jason & the Scorchers, Lost Highway

14. Guadalcanal Diary, Watusi Rodeo

15. X, Burning House of Love

16. The Minutemen, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

17. Dinosaur, Repulsion

18. Meat Puppets, In a Car

19. Husker Du, Celebrated Summer

20. Husker Du, Makes No Sense At All

21. Squirrel Bait, Thursday

22. 7 Seconds, We're Gonna Fight

23. Mission of Burma, That's When I Reach For My Revolver

24. Volcano Suns, Jak

25. Black Flag, Loose Nut

26. Dead Kennedys, MTV Get Off the Air

27. The Replacements, Bastards of Young

28. Killing Joke, 80's


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