The Ledge #69: Matt Mauch

My old friend Matt Mauch was one of the original founders of Tempest Magazine, and is now a professor in Minneapolis. He recently released his first book of poetry, Prayer Book, and while in Sioux Falls for a reading he made it over to The Ledge studio to share some of his favorite tunes. Along with the music, we discussed some of our favorite shows, and Mauch also talked about interesting meetings with Jello Biafra, Dave Pirner, and many others.

You can download the show via iTunes (and why not leave a review while you're at it?), or directly download it here. Prayer Book can be found at all of the usual online book retailers, including Amazon. Here's Matt's musical selections for this episode:

1. Uncle Tupelo, “If That’s Alright”

2. The Lemonheads, “My Drug Buddy”

3. Lloyd Cole, “So You’d Like to Save the World”

4. Liz Phair, “Fuck and Run”

5. Hank Williams III, “Low Down”

6. Dollface, “In Spite of Everything"

7. Billy Bragg, “Help Save the Youth of America”

8. Dead Kennedys, “Viva Las Vegas”

9. Fine Young Cannibals, “Suspicious Minds”

10. Alex Chilton, “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine”

11. Folk Uke, “Motherfucker Got Fucked Up”

12. John Wesley Harding, “The Original Miss Jesus”

13. The Soviettes, “Tonight”

14. The Replacements, “Raised in the City”

15. Green Day, “The Judge’s Daughter”

16. The Jam, “News of the World”

17. Material Issue, “Diane”

18. Shane McGowan & the Popes, “Aisling”

19. X, “4th of July”

20. Rilo Kiley, “Portions for Foxes”

21. Soul Asylum, “Never Really Been”

22. The Lemonheads, “Beautiful”


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