Rural Ledge-ucation #6, 2nd Annual Record Store Day Extravaganza

This morning's show eschewed the traditional "quieter side of The Ledge". Instead, today's Rural Ledge-ucation went through the deluge of product released for Record Store Day. From the country stylings of Buck Owens to the heavier bombast of Mastodon, the show should have a little something for everybody. Plus, host Scott Hudson has a mini-rant (or, as Angry Hugo called it, "a bit of a rant"), and some short interview with other Record Store Day purchasers.

You can hear this show via The Ledge's iTunes/Android app, or download it here. Today's setlist included:

1. The Decemberists, Down By the Water (Live)

2. Buck Owens, Close Up the Honky Tonks (Early Version)

3. Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels, Love Hurts

4. Jenny and Johnny, Love Hurts

5. Built to Spill, Ripple

6. Television, Satisfaction

7. Sonic Youth, Personality Crisis

8. Husker Du, Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely

9. Green Day, Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely

10. John Doe & Jill Sobule, I'm in Love With a Girl

11. Big Star, Thank You Friends

12. Nada Surf, The Moon is Calling (Demo)

13. Deerhunter, Nosebleed

14. The New Pornographers, A Drug Deal of the Heart

15. Madtodon, Just Got Paid

16. ZZ Top, Just Got Paid

17. Superchunk, Horror Business

18. Coliseum, Bullet

19. Jimmy Eat World, Game of Pricks

20. Nirvana, Son of a Gun

21. The Deftones, Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

22. The Velvet Underground, Foggy Notion


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