The Ledge #71: Blog Finds

I have to admit that I'm addicted to music blogs. No, I'm not talking about sites like mine, where blabbermouths go on and on about shit nobody cares about. What I'm referring to are blogs that provide a valuable service to insane music collectors such as myself - the types of sites that find, rip, and upload rare, primarily out of print records that quite often fetch big bucks on Ebay.

I have over a dozen of these types of blogs that I visit almost every day, and quite a few others that I end up on when there's something specific I "need". This week's show is a sampler of recent finds. Some of the tracks played on this show are rare versions of familiar songs. Others are 7" single releases by bands who didn't survive to see their second single. The last half hour of the show are 60's garage rock treats inspired by articles I've read in Ugly Things.

To hear the show, the drill is the same as always. Download The Ledge iPhone/Android app, or directly download it here.

1, Frank Black, Changing of the Guard
2. Graham Parker, Discovering Japan
3. Cheap Trick, Southern Girls
4. Easter, Lights Out
5. The Original Sins, Party's Over
6. Tot Rocket and the Twins, Reduced
7. The Infections, Kill For You
8. Testors, You Don't Break My Heart
9. Pagans, Street Where Nobody Lives
10. Richard Hell & the Heartbreakers, I Wanna Be Loved
11. The Nuns, Media Control
12. The Real Kids, Can't Talk to That Girl
13. The Other Kids, Another Boring Day
14. The Clash, Garageland (Rude Boy Rehearsal)
15. Joe Strummer & the Latino Rockabilly War, Neferetti Rock
16. The Rezillos, Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
17. The Headaches, Teenage Sex
18. Chris Spedding, Wild in the Streets
19. Hollywood Brats, Then He Kissed Me
20. Hi-Fi's, I Don't Know Why (You Love Me)
21. The Searchers, Hearts In Her Eyes
22. Brain Jones Was Murdered, So Long Now
23. The Feelies, Barstool Blues
24. Scruffy the Cat, My Baby She's Alright
25. The Records, Girls That Don't Exist
26. Belfast Gypsies, It's All Over Now Baby Blue
27. Unrelated Segments, Where You Gonna Go
28. Bob Hocko and the Swamp Rats, It's Not Easy
29. The Misunderstood, Children of the Sun
30. The Rationals, Look What You're Doing
31. Dean Carter, Rebel Woman
32. Downliners Sect, I Got Mine
33. The Twilighters, Move It
34. Mott's Men, She Is So Mean


ThomG said…
So hows come you didn't include links to your favorite blogs - ones that let others download cool music and shit?
Scott said…
Valid point. I thought about doing such a thing but decided against it due to the following reasons:

1. Part of the fun is the discovery.

2. I'm not sure if these blogs necessarily want the publicity of hosting full albums.

3. Not all of the info was available when I put the show together. Many come from pages that I found at work, or via a search for a specific item. Weak excuse, I know.

Hit me up "off-blog" and I'll send you to some cool sites.
Anonymous said…
You're a hero Scott, really love your show!
Jp; listener from Ireland

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