The Ledge #70: Terry Taylor

If there was ever a MVP of the Sioux Falls music scene, it would have to be Terry Taylor. As a record store clerk/buyer, his seal of approval was all most punk, hardcore, or metal fans needed. He also spent time in a number of bands that actually broke out of the local scene, playing all over the country.

Most importantly, though, is Terry's work as a concert promoter. Terry's events evolved from a few dozen attendees at garage and basement shows to thousands at rented halls. His successes eventually convinced the Pomp Room to initiate all-ages shows, and other more respectable buildings finally welcomed his talents. Over the years, he was responsible for bringing in Green Day, Offspring, Fugazi, Henry Rollins, Less Than Jake, Babes in Toyland...oh hell, almost any punk, indie, or hardcore show of the 90's was a Terry Taylor production.

Taylor is still booking shows in Sioux Falls these days, along with a few other states, as the co-owner of Hunt Industries in Lawrence, KS. In this episode, Taylor reminisces about his life as a fan, promoter, and musician. You can download this episode directly onto your Apple or Android product via The Ledge app, or directly download it here.

Here's Terry musical selections for this show:

1. Leonard Cohen, Dance Me Till the End of Love (Live)

2. Grinderman, Depth Charge Ethyl

3. Volbeat, Back to Prom

4. Against Me, Thrash Unreal

5. Daft Punk, Derezzed (Trom Soundtrack)

6. Foxboro Hot Tubs, Mother Mary

7. Nick Cave, Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

8. Black Flag, Thirsty and Miserable

9. Off!, Killing Away

10. Misfits, Saturday Night

11. Combichrist, Sent to Destroy

12. Mike Patton, A Perfect Twist (A Perfect Place Soundtrack)

13. Teenage Bottlerocket, In the Basement

14. Teddybears, Yours to Keep

15. Peeping Tom, Don’t Even Trip

16. Dot Allison, Colour Me

17. Into Another, Underlord

18. Misfits, Halloween


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