The Ledge #77: Ash Masters

Easily the greatest, and most welcome, surprise of the eighteen months of podcast production is the great people that have come into my life. I've been in contact with people from all over the world who for some reason find something worthwhile in my silly little shows.

A particular great new friend actually came into contact with The Ledge by accident. I have various twitter accounts for different types of posts, and one of these accounts is to promote the Big Brother site where I'm a contributor. I used to keep Ledge news off that account, but one week I didn't notice that Tweetdeck was sending the link to the latest episode to that account.

Ash Masters was one person who saw this post, and she quickly became a great friend of the show. Not only did she download the shows, she also began reviewing them on her site. She was also primarily responsible for hooking me up with Big Brother stars Matt Hoffman and Ragan Fox; two shows that until recently were in my top three most downloaded episodes.

It's only natural that at some point Ash would have to be a Ledge guest, and this is that week! Besides picking out some great tracks, we talked about the importance of music in her life, her fish breeding business, her work with the local dog rescue, and, of course, Big Brother. Ash's passion for the show has resulted in her being added to the staff of Big Brother Gossip, and we also discuss plans for a weekly podcast devoted to the show. Stay tuned for more info on that!

The drill is the same as always to hear the show. Subscribe in iTunes, download it on the Android/iPhone app, or directly download it here

Here are Ash's musical selections:

1. The Clash - Janie Jones 
2. The Pixies - Caribou
3. Self - Resume  
4. Rancid - Radio  
5. Sonic Youth - Screaming Skull 
6. Nirvana - Sappy 
7. X-Ray Spex - I'm a Cliche  
8. Naked Aggression - Your Nightmare, My Life 
9. The Vandals - And Now We Dance  
10. The Subhumans - Susan  
11. The Misfits - She  
12. Screeching Weasel - My Right 
13. Circle Jerks - The Crowd 
14. Alkaline Trio - As You Were 
15. Bad Religion - No Control  
16. Dead Kennedys - I Am The Owl 
17. Cain and Abel - Sing It With Some Soul 
18. Fifteen - My Congressman 
19. Social Distortion - Dear Lover 
20. The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love 
21. The Silencers - Policeman
22. Choking Victim - 500 Channels 
23. The Offspring - Jennifer Lost The War 
24. Tiger Army - Santa Carla Twilight 
25. Operation Ivy - Jaded 
26. Violent Femmes - American Music


Anonymous said…
I estimated 650 CD's in the basement as I boxed them up today. The boxes are ready for you to pick up if you're interested.

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