Live Ledge #18: Sick of Being Sick

After a great Memorial Day weekend, I found myself feeling like shit the rest of the week. A stuffed nose, a cough that would threaten to dislodge my entire insides, and a nagging headache that all the ibuprofen in my house couldn't relieve.

My good friends on Facebook gave me tons of fantastic ideas to cure my ailment - Vicks on my feet, honey/Schnapp's cocktails (tasty!), and this silly gadget called a Neti Pot. None of these great ideas worked, though, and I finally made my way to acute care on Thursday night. The diagnosis? Bronchitis.

Despite feeling like shit, I still fulfilled my Live Ledge duties tonight, and created a show based on the theme of feeling like shit. So here's two hours of songs about headaches, illness, and medication. Listen via the iPhone/Android Ledge app, or download here.

Here's this week's music selections:

1. Lenny Bruce, Bronchitis
2. Metric, Sick Muse
3. Big Audio Dynamite, The Medicine Show
4. Oxford Comma, Took My Medicine
5. Son Volt, Medicine Hat
6. John Wesley Harding, Sick Organism
7. Cracker, Sick of Goodbyes
8. The Flaming Lips, Guy Who Got a Headache & Saved the World
9. Butthole Surfers, Cough Syrup
10. Iggy & the Stooges, I'm Sick of You
11. Aerosmith, Sick as a Dog
12. Hollywood Brats, Sick On You
13. Mudhoney, Touch Me I'm Sick
14. The Flamin' Oh's, I'm a Medical Mess
15. The Replacements, I Bought a Headache
16. The Junk Monkeys, Medicine
17. The Primitives, Sick of It
18. The Muffs, Sick of You
19. The Distillers, Sick Of It All
20. Rancid, Dope Sick Girl
21. Descendents, Sick-O-Me
22. Black Flag, Fix Me
23. Social Distortion, Sick Boys
24. The Ramones, You Sound Like You're Sick
25. The Damned, Sick of Being Sick
26. Boston Spaceships, Headache Revolution
27. Frank Black, Headache
28. The Humpers, Sick of Tomorrow Today
29. The Makers, Sicko Sexual
30. D Generation, Sick On the Radio
31. Superchunk, European Medicine
32. The Eyeliners, Headache
33. The Diodes, Headache


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