Live Ledge #20: RIP Pat

This past Tuesday, Patrick Mussell (aka Irish Alkey) tragically passed away. One of the funniest motherfuckers I ever had the pleasure of meeting, this loss has rocked not only the Ron and Fez community but hundreds (if not thousands) of friends around the world. Live Ledge pays tribute to Alkey in a couple of segments with the help of some classic clips from SiriusXM's Ron and Fez show. Alkey's great wit can also be found on 72 episodes of The What Show, which are all worthy of downloading. He leaves behind a wonderful wife, Arelis, and three beautiful children. If you have a few bucks, please paypal them to to help with burial expenses.

Besides the tribute to Pat, Live Ledge carried on as usual with typical noisy garage and punk tracks. Please give a listen to it via the android/iPhone app, or directly download it here. Oh yeah, and check out the new remixed Goddess intro!

1. The Stooges, No Fun
2. The Cult, Nirvana
3. Dinosaur Jr., They Always Come
4. Sebadoh, Magnet's Coil
5. Descendents, Rockstar
6. Surfer Blood, Box Elder
7. Pavement, Stereo
8. The Nerves, Hanging On the Telephone
9. Bram Tchaikovsky, Girl of My Dreams
10. The Beat, Walking Out On Love
11. X, When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch
12. The Blasters, American Music
13. Dave Alvin, Johnny Ace Is Dead
14. The Nipple Erectors, King Of the Bop
15. Flogging Molly, Don't Shut 'em Down
16. The Damned, Perfect Sunday
17. The Buzzcocks, Fast Cars
18. Japanes Motors, Single Fins & Safety Pins
19. Times New Viking, It's a Culture
20. Paul Westerberg, Making Me Go
21. The Replacements, Customer (Alternate Version)
22. The Bottle Rockets, Gas Girl
23. Gaza Strippers, Sheer Heart Attack
24. Supersuckers & Electric Frankenstein, She's My Bitch
25. Supersuckers, Born With a Tail
26. Inspector 12, Just What I Needed
27. Golden Arms, Little T&A
28. Southern Culture on the Skids, Double Shot
29. Nervebreakers, My Girlfriend Is a Rock
30. The Right There, Zombies Ate My Neighbors
31. Ty Segall, You make the Sun Fry
32. The Only Ones, Peter and the Pets


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