The Ledge #78: Corey Vilhauer's Defense of Early Emo

Although "emo" is a derogatory term associated with any annoying song with the smallest hint of punk rock, there was a time when it was a clearly defined punk subgenre noted primarily for its melodic structure and confessional lyrics. The rise of that music style coincided with former Ledge guest Corey Vilhauer's entrance into local underground music, and months ago he stated his desire to make a case for this almost forgotten high point in the Sioux Falls scene.

Of course, when you get two loudmouths together, it's not just the actual music that's discussed. We complain about NBA basketball, satellite radio, The Monkees, and so much more. Download it now via iTunes, the android/iPhone Ledge app, or here.

Here's Corey's music choices:

1. Sunny Day Real Estate – “47” (Diary, Sub Pop 1994)
2. Engine Kid – “Windshield” (Angel Wings, Revelation 1994)
3. Elliott – “Calm Americans” (False Cathedrals, Revelation 2000)
4. Mineral – “Gloria” (The Power of Failing, Epitaph 1997)
5. Split Lip – “Street Singer” (Fate’s Got a Driver, Doghouse 1995)
6. Rainer Maria – “Broken Radio” (Look Now Look Again, Polyvinyl 1999)
7. Jejune – “Morale is Low” (This Afternoon’s Malady, Big Wheel Recreation 1998)
8. Braid – “First Day Back” (Frame and Canvas, Polyvinyl 1998)
9. The Promise Ring – “Is This Thing On?” (Nothing Feels Good, Jade Tree Records 1997)
10. The Blacktop Cadence – “Cold Night in Virginia” (The Emo Diaries, Chapter 2, Deep Elm 1998)
11. Samiam – “Ordinary Life” (The Emo Diaries, Chapter 1, Deep Elm 1997)
12. Piebald – “Grace Kelly with Wings” (If it Weren’t for Venetian Blinds it Would Be Curtains For Us All, Big Wheel Recreation 1999)
13. The Anniversary – “The D in Detroit” (Designing a Nervous Breakdown, Vagrant 2000)
14. Reggie and the Full Effect – “Girl, Why’d You Run Away?” (Greatest Hits 1984-1987, Vagrant 1999)
15. Jets to Brazil – “The Frequency” (Perfecting Loneliness, Jade Tree 2002)
16. Jimmy Eat World – “Thinking, That’s All” (Static Prevails, Capitol 1996)
17. The Get Up Kids – “Alec Eiffel” (Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies, Glue Factory Records 1999)
18. Seven Storey Mountain – “So Soon” (Based on a True Story, Jade Tree 2000)
19. Texas is the Reason – “The Magic Bullet Theory” (Do You Know Who You Are?, Revelation 1995)


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