Rural Ledge-ucation #14: Father's Day

For that very special day for daddies, Rural Ledge-ucation gathered together almost two hours of father-related tunes. Besides the music, my son, Alec, took the mic to talk about the John Prine show he saw this past week in Sioux City. Download this now via The Ledge app, or directly here.

1. Charles Bukowski, My Father
2. Chuck Berry, Dear Dad
3. Woody Guthrie, My Father (Flies a Ship in the Sky)
4. Bob Dylan, Father of Night
5. Neil Young, Old Man (Live)
6. Paul Westerberg, My Dad
7. John Prine, Fish and Whistle
8. Drive-By Truckers, Daddy's Little Pumpkin
9. Drive-By Truckers, Daddy Learned to Fly
10. The Takeovers, Father's Favorite Temperature
11. Wonderer, It's Hard to Be a Dad
12. Fistful of Mercy, Father's Son
13. Big Dipper, Father's Day
14. Rob Stoner, Let Daddy Drive
15. Middle Brother, Mom and Dad
16. The Civil Wars, My Father's Father
17. Wall of Voodoo, Me and My Dad
18. Hamell on Trial, Father's Advice
19. Paul Kelly & the Messengers, Going About My Father's Business
20. Frank Turner, Father's Day
21. The New Amsterdams, My Old Man Had a Pistol
22. Sloan, Your Daddy Will Do
23. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, My Old Man
24. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Father's Day
25. Rev. Horton Heat, It Hurts Your Daddy Bad
26. Howlin' Wolf, Rockin' Daddy
27. The Monkees, Daddy's Song


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