Live Ledge #103: Dave Pirner

What a fun show tonight! When I discovered that Soul Asylum was hitting town on March 22, I knew I would have a possibility to chat with lead singer Dave Pirner. I also knew it was imperative that I arrange it so that it could happen during a Live Ledge episode.
Pirner was a real treat during our half hour talk, talking not only about the current status of the band but reliving a bit of the glory days of Minneapolis rock 'n' roll. Listening to his praise and awe of current drummer Michael Bland (formerly of Prince and Paul Westerberg fame) showcased an artist still enthused about his music career.
Besides the chat with Pirner, we also debuted the latest Songs For Slim tracks. As I walked into my house, I was thrilled to see that my Steve Earle/Craig Finn single had arrived, so it was natural that I gave both tracks a spin.
There was also a tribute to Alex Chilton, commemorating the third anniversary of his death that occurs this Sunday, and an almost full hour of great Irish rock 'n' roll.
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1. The Box Tops, Soul Deep
2. Alex Chilton, With a Girl Like You
3. Big Star, September Gurls (Live)
4. Alex Chilton, Bangkok
5. Craig Finn, Isn't It
6. Steve Earle, Times Like
7. The Replacements, Lost Highway
8. Paul Westerberg, Don't Cry No Tears
9. Soul Asylum, Sometime To Return
10. Soul Asylum, Take Manhattan
11. Hart Lake Mystery, Wrote You Off
12. Torpedohead, Rock N' Roll Satellite
13. The Nips, Fuss & Bother
14. The Pogues, Streams Of Whiskey
15. The Pogues, I Fought The Law
16. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, Hippy Hippy Shake
17. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Ghost Of A Smile
18. The Stitches, That Woman's Got Me Drinking
19. Mr. Irish Bastard, Anarchy In The UK
20. The Bad Shepherds, Ramones Medley
21. The Tossers, Where The Beer And Whiskey Flow
22. The Mahones, Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil
23. The Skels, Whiskey You're the Devil
24. The Cherry Coke$, Rainy Night & Whiskey
25. Dropkick Murphys, The Irish Rover
26. The Sharks, Luck O' The Irish


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