Rural Ledge-ucation #94: Country

With Friday's show being nothing but songs about rock 'n' roll, I attempted to do a similar thing today with country. A companion piece of sorts. Unfortunately, my library didn't completely accommodate this idea. Yes, there were a ton of songs with the word "country" in it, but not that many were really about country music.
That means today's show is not only a bit shorter than usual, but also contains some songs that don't completely fit the format. This doesn't mean it's not a worthy show to check out. It's actually one of the most varied Sunday morning shows in a long, long time, with tracks that date all the way back to the 20's, along with some current alt-rock, Americana, and singer-songwriter tracks.
This show can be found in the usual online spots, or...


1. Neil Young, Are You Ready For The Country?
2. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, Why I Love Country Music
3. R.E.M., Country Feedback
4. The Bottle Rockets, Lawd I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City
5. Pastor Dean, Country Song
6. Hank Williams III, Country Heroes
7. The Mekons, Country
8. JD McPherson, Country Boy
9. Josh Ritter, A Country Song
10. The Rolling Stones, Country Honk
11. Glenn Reeves, Rockin' Country Style
12. Johnny Otis, Crazy Country Hop
13. Jimmy Swan, Country Cattin'
14. Henry Thomas, Old Country Stomp
15. Dock Boggs, Country Blues
16. Neil Young, Get Back To The Country


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