Live Ledge #105: Then And Now

It's such an obvious topic, why didn't I do it before? Take a band that has a current (or semi-current) album out, and play a track not only from that record but from another older album. "Then And Now" may have been the easiest show to ever put together! Some of the tracks differ by decades (Bad Brains, Bowie); others by just a couple of years (Biters, Telekinesis), but the concept is the same.
Plus, I babble about a couple of topics, including the exciting news this week from Tommy Stinson. When asked by Melissa Locker about how much he enjoyed recording the tracks for the Songs For Slim EP, he had this to say:

It was so much fun that we talked about doing it again with some original material. In fact, when I get done with this GnR tour, I’m booking a flight to Minneapolis and doing that. Putting some songs down, but not getting stuck on making record — seeing what comes out of it. Neither one of us feels the pressure to become the Replacements again, although we talk about it.

Great news, right? Let's hope it actually works out. 
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What did you think of tonight's show? Was the concept worth doing again? Do you have any ideas for future shows? Most importantly, would you consider hitting that donate button on the side of the page? Comment away, bitches!

1. Guided By Voices, I Am A Scientist
2. Guided By Voices, She Lives In An Airport
3. David Bowie, Life On Mars?
4. David Bowie, The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
5. The Strokes, Last Night
6. The Strokes, All The Time
7. Redd Kross, Linda Blair
8. Redd Kross, Researching the Blues
9. Telekinesis, Look To The East
10. Telekinesis, Power Lines
11. Chris Mars, Popular Creeps
12. The Replacements, Radio Hook Word Hit
13. The Replacements, I Hate Music
14. The Replacements, I'm Not Sayin'
15. Hüsker Dü, Chartered Trips
16. Bob Mould, The Descent
17. Soul Asylum, Chains
18. Soul Asylum, Let's All Kill Each Other
19. Pedal Jets, A Certain Sunday
20. Pedal Jets, Terra Nova
21. Biters, Hang Around
22. Biters, Oh Yea(The Bitch Wants More)
23. Dinosaur Jr., Freak Scene
24. Dinosaur Jr., Don't Pretend You Didn't Know
25. Mudhoney, Touch Me I'm Sick
26. Mudhoney, Douchebags on Parade
27. Bad Brains, Pay To Cum
28. Bad Brains, Youth Of Today
29. U.K. Subs, Tomorrow's Girls
30. U.K. Subs, Las Vegas Wedding
31. Wire, Ex Lion Tamer
32. Wire, Adore Your Island
33. Bad Religion, White Trash (Second Generation)
34. Bad Religion, Past Is Dead


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