Live Ledge #104: Rock!

Talk about an obvious topic! Why in the world didn't I do a show like this before? The concept is simple - nothing but songs about rock 'n' roll! One caveat, though. There are no songs that substitute the word "rock" for "fuck". That's such a terrible cliche that was a staple of 80's FM playlists. It was terrible then and it's terrible now. Nope, tonight is nothing but songs that celebrate, denigrate, deny, and/or castigate that niche of music that has made me the madman that I am today.
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1. The Ramones, Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?
2. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll
3. The Rubinoos, Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead
4. Tommy Conwell with Dipsomaniacs, Long Live Rock
5. The Velvet Underground, Rock & Roll
6. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Hate Rock 'n' Roll
7. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Love Rock'n'Roll
8. The Fortunate Sons, Let Me Rock
9. The Flamin' Groovies, Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roll
10. Young Fresh Fellows, Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control
11. The Beat, Rock N Roll Girl
12. Wreckless Eric, Roll Over Rock-Ola
13. Stoneage Hearts, Rock 'n' Roll Boys Rock 'n' Roll Girls
14. Vince Taylor, Twenty Flight Rock
15. The Rolling Stones, If You Can't Rock Me
16. The Loud Family, Rocks Off
17. Al Bundie's Army, It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
18. The Weirdos, Jungle Rock
19. Urchin, Rock'n'Roll Ghost
20. The Replacements, Rock and Roll All Night
21. The Nomads, Rockin' All Through The Night
22. The Supersuckers, The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll
23. The Cavestompers!, Rock'n'Roll
24. The Soft Boys, Rock 'n' Roll Toilet (Mark 2)
25. Hasil Adkins, Rock'N Roll Tonight
26. Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Well I'll Keep Rockin'
27. Levi & The Rockats, Room To Rock
28. The Jim Jones Revue, Rock n Roll Psychosis
29. The Bobbyteens, Rock'n'Roll Show
30. Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun
31. The Eyeliners, Rock-N-Roll Baby
32. Vice Squad, Rock 'n' Roll Massacre
33. The Vapids, Dee Dee King Of Rock
34. The Dictators, Who Will Save Rock And Roll


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