Rural Ledge-ucation #100: Season Finale

As announced a few weeks ago, the Sunday morning show is taking a summer hiatus. With this episode being number one hundred, it seemed like a perfect spot to stop the show. The reason for the hiatus is simple - time is tight these days, especially with the new writing gig, and I need a little bit of the weekend to myself. The show will return in the fall, and there will undoubtedly be a special broadcast or two throughout the summer.
If this is the last one, though, I needed something special. What better way for me to end then with an all-bootleg, all-acoustic show devoted to Paul Westerberg? This morning's show goes all the way back to his first solo performance at First Avenue in 1982 up to one of his last public performances at the same venue for a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame filming. The sound quality varies, but I love every second of these performances.
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1. If Only You Were Lonely
2. I'm In Trouble
3. Nobody
4. Love Untold
5. Things
6. It's a Wonderful Lie
7. I'll Be You
8. I Will Dare
9. Skyway
10. Here Comes a Regular
11. Everyone's Stupid
12. Born For Me
13. Crackle and Drag
14. Waitress in the Sky
15. Treatment Bound


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