The Walking Rock Alphabet: H

I should have never bothered this afternoon, as it was nothing short of a disaster on almost every level. I had to get out, though, as rain and podcasting had taken away the last couple of walking days, and later this afternoon showers will commence that will carry on for another couple of days.
I just wasn’t in the mood, though. In recent months, Saturday has become my day off. The one day of the week that I had no work, writing, or any other obligations. It’s my day, and nobody can take that away. I can sleep late (I wish), relax at Black Sheep Coffee for as long as I care, and spend the majority of the day emptying the DVR. Hell, maybe even throw in a nap (or two).
So despite the fact that it was hot and muggy, and all I wanted to do was lay around, here I am heading out the door. But even this didn’t work as expected. Noticing there wasn’t anything in the “H” section that I wanted to use as my soundtrack, I set about re-syncing my iPhone to a brand new playlist. 
Unfortunately, that sync was taking FOREVER, and I didn’t have a large window of time before the rain was due to hit the city. So I grabbed the iPad and settled on the new album by The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Damn Right Honey!
Besides the fact that exercising while carrying an iPad is a bit unwieldy (my version of working with weights), the reality is that this band’s throwback combo of rockabilly, swing, and jump blues just wasn’t the right fit for a cantankerous curmudgeon forcing himself to get a bit of exercise.
Not to say that this isn’t a worthy album. It is a fun little record. How can an album with a song called “Motorhead Girl” not be fantastic? It just didn’t fit in to what was needed to get me motivated. 
The afternoon wasn’t a total waste, though. I got to witness a bit of a Three Stooges routine, as a person with little clue as to what he was doing attempted to chop down a large damaged tree. Would it land on the house, or on top of a passing vehicle? Luckily, for the owner, it hit the road with no incident.
There was also one other major pleasant change. The rising temps and Thursday’s rains have caused everything to bloom, so the walk was accompanied some sweet smells that I hadn’t encountered since last fall. A bit cheesy of an ending for me, sure, but at least something made me smile this afternoon.


grudznick said…
It sounds like a good walk.
Scott said…
The worst thing is it never did ring!
Scott said…
Rain, not ring.

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