All Get Outs at Mad Rock Tonight, Tomorrow

Rich Show in a cover band? The leader of such acclaimed bands as No Direction, Flag With Hank, and Violet, and considered by many to be one of the area’s best songwriters, now playing nothing but the songs of others? Say it ain’t so.
Yet the All Get Outs, also featuring Violet comrade Mark Romanowski along with 12 ½ Charlies members Nick Simon, Paul Erickson, and Nate Jacqua, aren’t just any cover band. Instead of insipid note-for-note renditions of “Mony Mony” and “Free Bird”, the All Get Outs jump back to the glory days of the mid-60’s. More importantly, they rock the house.
Ironically, what began as a lark may actually become a money-making endeavor, thanks to an enthusiastic fan with numerous connections in Las Vegas. “(Dollar Loan Store President Chuck Brennan) saw us last summer and said he would like to get us in front of some talent buyers in Vegas. He was going to have this corporate party anyway (in early February), which I guess is a pretty big deal. He’s confirmed eight talent buyers from Vegas and two from Minneapolis to be present at the party.”
Having dealt with similar promises from bigwigs in the past, Show admits he’s a bit skeptical of Brennan’s talk of future big paydays. “I just want to play on a big stage in Vegas and have the best time I can legally have and hopefully nobody gets hurt or thrown in jail.”
Prime posed a number of topics to Show. Here are his quick answers:
Why a cover band?: I’ve never been in a cover band before. Over twenty years of playing music and it never crossed my mind once. I’m having the most fun that I’ve had in many years. It’s a nice release.
The attraction to 60’s pop/rock: During that time period music had a wide-eyed innocence like you could do anything. It was all about having fun. Fun music, fun beats, fun harmonies. In my lifetime there has only been a couple other periods in the history of rock music that was as vibrant.
The Beatles: Brilliant songwriters. We may never experience this type of phenomena again.
The Rolling Stones: Road in on the coattails of the Beatles, but have written the soundtrack to so many people’s lives.
The Who: How did they contain their passion?The Monkees: My guilty pleasure in music. The make me feel like a kid every time I hear them.
The Kinks: The most underrated band of the 60’s.
The Dave Clark Five: There are a handful of songs by these guys that instantly slaps a smile on my face. Innocent brilliance!
The Byrds: (They’re) way overrated. Good songs, of course, but not as exciting as the big three.
The Hollies: Some of the prettiest harmonies ever.
Favorite all-time song: I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.
The future of Violet: I would do a Violet show if someone wanted it, but the band has become fractured and spread all over the place for a long time now. For all practical purposes it’s done.
Future plans: I have recently started working on a new group. New band/new songs/new hope for the new world…blah blah blah. The members are the same guys that are in the All Get Outs. Practice can be more productive this way. They new band doesn’t have a name yet, but I really like how fast things are falling together and, once again, it’s a mountain of fun.


Anonymous said…
Dave Scarbrough is not in the All Get Outs. I can tell you've seen them in action.
Scott said…
You're right. My bad...and I have seen them play. I guess I'm not allowed to make a mistake.
The Udder Scott said…
Hmmm Scott.... I guess you're allowed to make as many mistakes as you let other "information sources" to make. What is that like none? Eat what you cook my friend.

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