This Week's Poll

This One's For the Ladies. Who is Hudsonland's Hottest Male Reporter?
Mitch Krebs (KSFY)
Jon Wilson (KELO)
Tom Hanson (KDLT)
Phil Schreck (KSFY)
Don Jorgensen (KELO)
Jerrid Sebesta (KDLT)
Robert Wilson (KSFY)
Andy Harvey (KELO)
Paul Heinert (KDLT)
Chris Studer (KSFY)
Shawn Cable (KELO)
Mark Ovendon (KDLT)
Angela Kennecke (KELO)
Matt Belanger (KELO)


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scottrngr said…
there should be two mitch krebs choices, with hair or without hair.
Anonymous said…
How about Scott Hudson? Or radio guys? The tv guys are boring.
Anonymous said…
Angela Kennecke???


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