Go Away, Mr. Hunt!

I’ve never understood why the majority of abortion foes are heavy-set middle-aged white guys. Sure, there’s the occassional female voice such as Leslee Unruh, but does anybody take her seriously? She’s nothing more than the clown princess of the pro-life movement.
Why do these affluent males hold the key to a woman’s body? What do they possibly know that the majority of the population don’t?
One of these self-important white dudes is Brandon Representative Roger Hunt, a man who I really, really had Mike as a firt name. (I know, that’s sophomoric but I couldn’t resist.) He has been involved in a number of anti-abortion bills in recent years, and this year his modest woody is harder than ever. This week he announced plans to introduce a bill that would ban the procedure. As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday he introduced a bill that makes abstinence-only the official sex ed curriculum of our entire state.
Despite what Hunt and his cronies say in their plethora of press conferences and other media-friendly events, nobody is truly in favor of abortion. Those that are pro-choice only want safe abortions to be available for those that are in need, and would use education to reduce the number of procedures.
People such as Hunt, though, also don’t want to do anything to help the rise of mainly low income children that this ban would affect. While they support government intrusion into a woman’s life, they don’t believe that the governement should lend a helping hand to those in need. Clearly, banning abortions will result in more people that need public asistance...particularly since the more affluent will continue to have ways to avoid the public embarassment of an unwed family member.
In fact, if this bill passes it will ultimately cost our state hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hunt and his pals are racing to the legislature to be the first state to contest Roe V. Wade. They want to send people they normally slander as “greedy trial lawyers” to go all the way to the Supreme Court to defend this bill...particularly if Alito is the “savior” they believe he will be.
It amazes me that this state is so far behind the times in 99.9% of all trends but suddenly we must be the number one.
Sorry, Mr. Hunt, but this bill is unneeded. We already have the toughest abortion laws in the country. Besides the reality that there is only one clinic who will even perform the procedure, which makes it extremely difficult for those in remote areas, we have a mandatory 24 hour delay law. We have parental consent laws, and another law that forces doctors to read a script that critics complain is medically inaccurate and infused with technology. And just last year we passed a bill that makes abortions illegal if Roe V. Wade is ever overturned.
It’s clearly all about the headlines and/or future political aspirations for Hunt and his cronies. The madness must stop. Let’s get rid of abortions, but let’s do it the right way...starting in middle school with a realistic approach to sex education. We can’t afford to let the state legislature mirror the disaster that was last fall’s Sioux Falls school board hearings.


APPLE said…
Why is it that when men say they are pro-life, everyone says he doesn't know what he is talking about because it's not his body? I never quite understood that.
(this was just a random thought that popped into my head, that's all)

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