Could They Be Even More Blatant?

Via the Hotline Blogometer, we heard about House Dem Louise Slaughter’s allegations against Tom DeLay and Bill Frist:

On Air America's "The Majority Report" on 1/18, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) alleged that "day traders" -- presumably staffers -- operating out of the offices of Senate Maj. Leader Bill Frist and ex-House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay were investing with inside knowledge: "I'm going to track this down, I know it's true ... that Frist, DeLay and probably others had some day traders working out of their offices," and the "most egregious example" is that the traders "would find out there's a bill being written by lobbyists, that there would be no asbestos bill ... and when the market opened the next day, the cost of asbestos stock had doubled."
Even if this story ends up being total bullshit, with allegations of “day traders” infiltrating the self-described “plantation,” it’s really been an amazing PR week for Congress.


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