This Week's Poll Results

This One’s For the Ladies: Who is Hudsonland’s Hottest Male Reporter?
  1. Paul Heinert (KDLT) 25%

  2. Mitch Krebs (KSFY) 16%

  3. Jon Wilson (KELO) 14%

  4. (Tie) Angela Kennecke & Shawn Cable (KELO)10%

  5. Don Jorgensen (KELO) 8%


Anonymous said…
Paul Heinert has gotta be the ugliest guy ever. He has the looks to make him big for radio. The sight of him makes me cringe!
girlgrad said…
I beg to differ and the poll supports me that Paul is an attractive guy. I knew him in college and have always thought he was very handsome, not to mention talented.

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