Any Computer Geeks Out There?

After a hard drive meltdown last week, I decided that it was time for a backup drive. I purchased the 300 gig Maxtor OneTouch II but i can't get it to work right. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the software numerous times. The drive shows up, and I can move or copy files onto it, but I can't do a full backup. The software was supposed to initially put up a registration screen but it never did. When I click on the software it give me a message saying "updating status...0 restore points available" (which makes sense) but clicking on the setup does nothing...right clicking shows the backup now or automatic backup as unavailable. Any thoughts?


scottrngr said…
what kind of computer? i know before the g5, macs had a limit of a 120 gig hard drive that you could put in. also, there might be that little black piece of plastic on the pins in the back that need to be changed, something about it being a master or slave. just a thought.
danugh said…
are you on a mac or pc?
Anonymous said…
Delete the config file for retrospect..

For windows
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RetroExp\

inside this directory are two files Config10 and Config10.dat (the 10 could be another number) you will need to right click on the red square in your task bar by the clock and select "exit". Then delete the files. Once done start the retrospect backup software from the start menu.

you will then be asked to register.

The file is located \library\preferences\retrospect\

The file is called "Retrospect 6.0 config" delete it and push the button on the front of the drive to setup the backup.

Maxtor Guru Aussie

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