What Are You Buying the Mayor?

How about a ticket straight outta town?

From South Dakota Watch

DTSF to Hold "Surprise" Party for Mayor Munson January 31 for All He Has Done

I have not been able to independently confirm this yet, but it looks like Down Town Sioux Falls is holding a "surprise" birthday party for Mayor Dave Munson. Below is the email that was forwarded on to me. Click to open: surprise party for Mayor Munson.pdf

It reads:


Please be advised that there will be an appreciation gathering for Mayor Dave Munson, Jan 31st, 4:30 PM at Shriver Square. This a surprise! Please make this a must-attend event. This mayor has done so much for downtown, his passion for the heart of the city has helped make us what we are today. I have a list of 30 accomplishments that he has succeded in completing for the downtown area. Please show up and let Mayor Munson know that we truly appreciate all he has done for us. This is NOT a fund-raiser.

Downtown Sioux Falls Visionary Partners:

Electric Pulp First National Bank First Dakota National Bank
Holiday Inn City Centre Meierhenry Law US Bank
Wells Fargo

If true, this sounds a lot like an endorsement to me. If anyone has any other information, please let me know.


scottrngr said…
I'm there!
scottrngr said…
i went to this thing today. got there at about 440. they were wanting people to sign up at the guest book. carol pagnones, who dresses like she's 30, but looks like she's 70, said munson wasnt going to get there until about 5, since he had a meeting. some guy asked if it was a cash bar, and they said no, there was free booze. some of the "digniteries" i noticed were steve metli, jim wooster, and former ksfy gm jack hanson. the only tv station there was ksfy. i saw people walking around with wine glasses, and there was a big hor dorves spread laid out. they even had a band or something. i left because i had to go to the y, so i could get home to watch raymond. i noticed that neither kelo or kdlt ran a story in it. i also overheard pagnones say to someone that munson didnt know about this, it's all a surprise. if that's the case, maybe he didnt know about reporting that fund raiser, or any of the other stuff he said he doesnt know about. and since he doesn't know what's going on, should he really be mayor?

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