This Week's Poll (May Be Modified Tomorrow)

Which Hudsonland Psuedo-Celebrity Should Pose Nude on Rant-a-Bit?
Stephanie Fisher
Kris From KRRO
Shannon Stevens
Annie Chicoine
Hot 104.7's Tammy
26th and Minnesota Wells Fargo Drive-Through Girls
Budweiser Promotion Chick
Pam Homan


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Anonymous said…
If Kris from KRRO were to pose naked, here ginormous hoo-hoos would hit the photographer when she takes her top off, rendering him unconscious.
Anonymous said…
k whats the big deal about kris. as scott well knows we are all subject to our opinions and im here to say kris is way over rated. She is to skinny and her face resembles a skeleton. I dontthink she should be part of the krro calender. Dont get me wrong she aint ugly but she sure aint nothin to get all hard about thats for sure. Another thing is she acts to manly on the morning show thats cades job. And kris please stop bragging about yourself and how good lookin you are. It makes me sick. With all honesty from what im told i am a very eye appealing guy i have a gorgeous girlfriend,and i never say anything that would make my head look the size of yours. I do like you on the radio, when you try not to be funny and when you dont act so conceided. scott love the web sight.
wheres Jen is she ever comin back

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