3 Days With Jenna the Ipod

1. Camper Van Beethoven, I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Camper Vantiquities)
2. The Kinks, Party Line (Face To Face)
3. Frank Black, My Life Is In Storage (Honeycomb)
4. The Who, I Can't Reach You (The Who Sell Out)
5. Eels, Living Life (Discovered, Covered - The Late Great Daniel Johnston)
6. R.E.M., Moral Kiosk (Murmur)
7. The Kinks, You're Looking Fine (Face To Face)
8. The Replacements, My Little Problem (All Shook Down)
9. Paul Westerberg, AAA (Henry Fonda Theatre, LA 2/23/05)
10. R.E.M., Auctioneer (Another Engine) (Fables Of The Reconstruction)
11. Son Volt, Ten Second News (Trace)
12. Peter Bruntnell, Laredo Kent (Ends Of The Earth)
13. The Who, Tattoo (Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B)
14. Tom Petty, Don't Come Around Here No More (Playback )
15. The Pernice Brothers, Our Time Has Passed (The World Won't End)
16. Sly & The Family Stone, Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa (The Essential Sly & The Family Stone)
17. John Doe, Ready Forever (Hasn't Happened Yet)
18. R.E.M., World Leader Pretend (Green)
19. Morrissey, You Know I Couldn't Last (You Are The Quarry)
20. Camper Van Beethoven, Five Sticks (Camper Van Beethoven)
21. Joy Division, Warsaw (No Thanks!)
22. Lucinda Williams, American Dream (World Without Tears)
23. The Flamin' Groovies, Please Please Me (Jumping In The Night)
24. The Who, Dreaming From The Waist (Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B)
25. The Cure, The Drowning Man (Faith)
26. Paul Westerberg, Now I Wonder (Folker
27. The Clash, London Calling (Clash On B)roadway)
28. Paul Westerberg, Psychopharmocology (Pantages Theatre, 11/7/04)
29. The Replacements, Talent Show (Shit, Shower, And Shave)
30. The Beatles, Think For Yourself (Rubber Soul)
31. The Pernice Brothers, Waiting For The Universe (Yours, Mine & Ours)
32. The Who, Glittering Girl (The Who Sell Out)
33. Wilco, Should've Been In Love (A.M.)
34. Eels, Old Shit/New Shit (Blinking Lights and Other Revelations)
35. The Rolling Stones, Jigsaw Puzzle (Beggars Banquet)
36. Paul Westerberg, Knockin' on Mine (Henry Fonda Theatre, LA 2/22/05)
37. Stiff Little Fingers, Breakout (Inflammable Material)
38. R.E.M., Near Wild Heaven (Out Of Time)
39. The Posies, Sweethearts Of Rodeo Drive (Every Kind Of Light)
40. The Wallflowers, Back To California (Rebel, Sweetheart)
41. Paul Westerberg, Alex Chilton (Ogden Theatre, Denver 3/3/05)
42. My Bloody Valentine, Lose My Breath (Isn't Anything)
43. Liz Phair, Glory (Exile in Guyville)
44. Whiskeytown, Top Dollar (Faithless Street)
45. The Cure, Seventeen Seconds (Seventeen Seconds)
46. Morrissey, Suedehead (The Best of Morrissey)
47. Kings of Leon, Four Kicks (Aha Shake Heartbreak)
48. Bruce Springsteen, Rockaway the Days (Tracks)
49. New York Dolls, Personality Crisis (No Thanks! the '70s Punk Rebellion)
50. Bob Dylan, If Dogs Run Free (New Morning)
51. Centro-Matic, Breathe Deep, Not Loud (Love You Just The Same)
52. Razorlight, Don't Go Back To Dalston (Up All Night)
53. Paul Westerberg, Alex Chilton (Henry Fonda Theatre, LA 2/22/05)
54. The Jayhawks, Two Angels (Blue Earth)
55. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Goon Squad (Armed Forces)
56. Jeff Tweedy, Laiminated Cat (Vic Theatre, Chicago 3/5/05)
57. Paul Westerberg, Honky Tonk Angels (Pantages Theatre, 11/7/04)
58. Pixies, The Navajo Know (Trompe Le Monde)
59. Foo Fighters, End Over End (In Your Honor)
60. The Mountain Goats, Love Love Love (The Sunset Tree)
61. Gang Of Four, May-45 (Entertainment!)
62. Pixies, Tame (Doolittle)
63. The Wrens, The House That Guilt Built (The Meadowlands)
64. Replacements, Color Me Impressed (Simply Unacceptable)
65. Jay Farrar, Different Eyes (Sebastopol)
66. The Get Up Kids, No Love (Live At The Granada Theater)
67. Son Volt, Medication (Live) (Afterglow 61 [EP])
68. The Kinks, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (The Ultimate Collection)
69. Paul Westerberg, Nobody (Troubadour, Hollywood 9/17/96)
70. The Smiths, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (Louder Than Bombs)
71. The Ramones, Too Tough To Die (Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology)
72. The Fall, The Classical (50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong)
73. The Replacements, Talent Show (Don't Tell A Soul)
74. David Bowie, Shapes Of Things (1973-Pin Ups)
75. Paul Westerberg, Born For Me (Ogden Theatre, Denver 3/3/05)
76. Adam Green, Emily (Gemstones)
77. X-Ray Specs, Oh! Bondage Up Yours! (Bonus Track) (Germ-Free Adolescents)
78. The Pernice Brothers, Wait To Stop (Nobody's Listening)
79. The Cure, In Your House (Seventeen Seconds)
80. Peter Bruntnell, How You Are (Normal For Bridgwater)
81. The Replacements, I'll Buy (Tim)
82. Jay Farrar, Damaged Son (Sebastopol)
83. Earlimart, Lazy Feet 23 (Everyone Down Here)
84. Ben Lee, We're All In This Together (Awake Is The New Sleep)
85. Cat Power, I Dont Blame You (You Are Free)
86. The Rolling Stones, Happy (Exile On Main Street)
87. Son Volt, Joe Citizen Blues (Live) (Afterglow 61 [EP])
88. Doves, Some Cities (Some Cities)
89. Elvis Costello No Dancing (My Aim Is True)
90. The Knitters, Little Margaret (The Modern Sounds Of The Knitters)
91. The Ramones, Beat On The Brat (Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology)
92. Uncle Tupelo, D. Boon (Still Feel Gone)
93. X, Country At War (The Best - Make The Music Go Bang!)
94. Robert Pollard, Hammer in Your Eyes (From a Compound Eye)
95. The Smiths, Sheila Take A Bow (Louder Than Bombs)
96. The Boys, First Time (No Thanks!)
97. Spoon, Reservations (Series of Sneaks)
98. The Who, So Sad About Us (Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B0


Anonymous said…
it was pretty awesome.

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