Anne Hajek Responds To My Get Out of Town Rant

Scott – I read your blog, and thought possibly you would like to know a little more. I met with and had lunch with Chris Christiansen (promoter) and Bruce Hoyer (ref and trainer) and they really schooled me on the difference between cage/ultimate fighting and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – which is sanctioned by the boxing commission and is what they do – they do not support or want people to come in and do cage fighting. Bruce called me late Monday afternoon (prior to our Tuesday meeting) and stated that they support a ban on cage fighting – which takes unskilled people out of the audience to get beat up, versus the MMA which is between trained fighters. I have no problem with the latter, but the cage fighting is banned in most states as there are serious liability concerns, and the ultimate cost for medical is on the county. They seem to be good guys and have a legitimate business. The Argus doesn’t always get the facts straight, but the ordinance would ban the fighting with hands, feet, etc. and doesn’t impact sanctioned boxing, wrestling etc.

I can only respond to constituents and since all factions involved thought this was a good move, I was willing to bring it forward. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Anne C. Hajek


Anonymous said…
I've known her a long time. She has a heart of gold and sometimes drives you nuts, but her intentions are not for her, which I think a lot of people misread. I'm a flaming democrat, and I think deep down, she really is as well, as her roots are certainly there as is her heart. So, I support this fine lady in her quests, as she is definitely working for the people who sometimes can't defend themselves.

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