Live Ledge #93: Christmas

Once again, I ignore the overly-sentimental pap that the "normals" call Christmas music and have compiled two hours of (primarily) noisy pounders. Granted, more than a few of these tracks are profrane. Some are even downright blasphemous. If that type of stuff offends you, I doubt if you listen to any of the Ledge shows anyway.
Here's what I want all of my listeners to do with this broadcast. After you have endured the family gatherings on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, pull out that bottle of whiskey, rum, or vodka. Or pour yourself some wine. Cheap beer is ok, too. Just fill it up, turn on this episode, and jump around the room. It will be your best Christmas in years!
Grab this "collector's item" from the normal online locations, or...

1. The Pogues, Fairytale Of New York  
2. Graham Parker & Nona Hendryx, Soul Christmas  
3. Paul Westerberg, Always In A Manger 
4. Matthew Ryan, It's Christmas Time 
5. Mark Lanegan, Burn The Flames 
6. The Kinks, Father Christmas 
7. Vice Squad, Merry Xmas Everybody 
8. The Yobs, Another Christmas  
9. Sonics, Don't Believe In Christmas  
10. Sonics, Santa Claus  
11. Bantam Rooster, Let's Just Fuck For Christmas  
12. Angry Snowmans, Richard Hung His Sock  
13. Tied For Last, Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)
14. The Mansfields, Broke On Christmas Again 
15. Hillbilly Casino, Blue Suede Santa  
16. Thee Headcoatees, Santa Claus 
17. Rocket 455, Santa Ain't Coming for Christmas  
18. The Ramonas, Santa's Got A GTO  
19. Brainless Wonders, Revenge Of Santa
20. The Atoms, Merry Xmas (It's Almost Summer) 
21. The Lemonaids, (We Can't) Party At The Beach  
22. The Renfields, Black Christmas
23. Jukebox Zeros, Christmas In The City (Ain't Too Pretty) 
24. The Bloody Muffs, We Wish We Were Drunk (For Christmas)
25. IDFK, Merry Christmas I Have Mono  
26. The Kobanes, Lonely Xmas  
27. The Morgendorffers, Happy Holidays (Rot In Hell) 
28. The Barbecuties, (It's Gonna Be A) Rock'n'roll Christmas Party (This Year) 
29. Johnny Madcap & The Distractions, A Very Merry Christmas  
30. The Lolligaggers, A Lolligagger Christmas 
31. The Nimrods, A Nimrod Christmas  
32. Jacobites, Teenage Christmas   
33. The Emersons, Merry Fuckin' Christmas Baby 
34. Flanders 72, Christmas Is Coming 
35. The Cock Blocks, Bad Santa  
36. Jabberjaw, Rudolf The Punk Rock Reindeer 
37. Toxic Candy Bars, Creepy Santa  
38. The Scutches, Christmas  
39. The Prozacs, No Christmas This Year 
40. The Killer Wigs, Last Year At Xmas 


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