Rural Ledge-ucation #82: Christmas Eve Eve

Friday's show was for the after-Christmas festivities. You know, the part of the holiday where all of the relatives have either gone home or to bed, and the real fun commences. Well, today's show is the perfect soundtrack for your time with the family. It's much more laid back, consisting of blues, Americana, singer/songwriter tunes, country, and other tracks of that type. Most importantly, it's not the easy listening pap that plagues this great day.
So you HAVE to download this from the various services, or...


1. Dropkick Murphys, The Season's Upon Us
2. The Decemberists, Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)
3. Guadalcanal Diary, Kumbayah
4. Paul Kelly, How To Make Gravy
5. Scott Miller, Yes Virginia
6. Mark Lanegan, We Three Kings
7. Jimmy Reed, Christmas Present Blues
8. Titus Turner, Christmas Morning Blues
9. Chuck Berry Christmas
10. Eddie Cochran & The Holly Twins, I Want Elvis For Christmas
11. Jerry Lee Lewis, I Can't Have A Merry Christmas Mary (Without You)
12. Baby Jane And The Blenders, You Trimmed My Christmas Tree  
13. Kay Martin & Her Body Guards, I Know What You Want For Christmas
14. Loretta Lynn, Gift of the Blues
15. Sabres, A Cool Cool Christmas  
16. Paul Bain, Santa Claus Boogie  
17. Danny Barnes and Thee Old Codgers, All Alone For Christmas
18. Evan Johns And His H-Bombs, Please Mr. Santa Claus
19. Clyde Lasley & The Cadillac Baby Specials, Santa Came Home Drunk
20. Buffalo Killers, Secret Santa
21. Otis Gibbs, Crap For Christmas


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