Rural Ledge-ucation #81: Best Reissues of 2012

This past Friday, I featured tracks from my Top 40 new release albums of the year. This morning's show is devoted to the catalog releases of the past twelve months - box sets, expanded reissues, compilations, live albums, and any other method the record companies used to convince me to purchase the same material once again.
I'll admit it's a pretty predictable list, but still worthy of a show. Tomorrow, I'll unveil the full manifesto of my year in review, but until then download or stream from the various services, or...


Note: Once again the order of play is in the opposite order of my rankings.
1. Paul McCartney, The Back Seat Of My Car
2. Moe Tucker, Too Shy (Single Version)
3. The English Beat, Save It For Later
4. My Bloody Valentine, You Made Me Realise
5. The Lyres, She Pays The Rent
6. Joe Strummer, London's Burning (Encore w/ Mick Jones)
7. Archers of Loaf, Wrong
8. The Plimsouls, Making Time
9. Alex Chilton, Jumpin' Jack Flash
10. Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Out Of Time
11. World Party, Happiness Is A Warm Gun
12. T. Tex Edwards, L.S.D.
13. Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up
14. Woody Guthrie, The Grand Coulee Dam
15. The Small Faces, All Or Nothing
16. The Nervebreakers, Hijack the Radio
17. The Tempests, Lemon Lime
18. The Velvet Underground, Heroin
19. The Kinks, Waterloo Sunset
20. Rolling Stones, Bright Lights Big City
21. Muddy Waters & Rollilng Stones, Champagne And Reefer


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