It’s Time…For Munson and His Cronies to Get Out of Town
(Alternate Title: How Does One Recall a Mayor?)

It’s now official – Mayor Munson is a crook. According to the long-awaited audit on city spending, Mayor Dave Munson’s overspending on city projects is a violation of state law and the city’s home rule charter.
No kidding. But there’s plenty of bitching to pass around today, and it’s not all on the Mayor. Let’s start with City Attorney Gary Colwill, who just happened to be appointed by the mayor. He says that no law was broken because months after the payments were made the city council voted to approve these expenditures.
If that isn’t political doublespeak, then I don’t know what is. Using that sort of logic, If I was to steal a big screen HDTV from Best Buy, it wouldn’t be a crime if my parents paid for it months later. C’mon. The city council had no choice but to make good on Munson’s contracts, even if the deals were illegal. The work was done; the contractors had to be paid.
And, of course, special attention must be given to city councilor De Knudson, a special sort of dullard who doesn’t even know how to spell her name. You may recall that I kicked her out of town a few months ago after she transformed a Munson press conference into a pep rally.
Here’s what she had to say about the audit that showed dozens of city projects went over budget – “I believe that Mayor Munson came out just fine this evening. There are more instances of violations in the previous administration.” Uh, I don’t think so, De. The number of violations indeed increased under Munson’s watch, as did the dollar amounts.
Not that the unnamed politico that Knudson is alluding to isn’t free of criticism. Gary Hanson, known by many in his own party as being too much of an autocrat, also had some overruns. But he earns my wrath more for his political opportunism. It’s no secret that he’s had a long-running feud with Munson that stems back to the dismissal of most of Hanson’s staff after Munson took over his office, and it has rapidly become clear that Hanson is eyeing to reclaim his former position.
My advice for everybody is to forget about personal feelings and political aspirations. The system is broke, and seriously needs to be fixed. Maybe the strong-mayor form of government and our city charter isn’t right for a city of our size. At the very least, it’s certainly clear that the job is far too complex for a person of Munson’s intellect. Maybe he should just return to the state legislature, where he toiled for years and years without authoring a single bill. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to march to the beat of your party’s marching orders.
One more big boot while I’m on a roll. It’s probably fitting that KELO would put a person of similar intellect as their City Hall reporter. I actually don’t believe that Jodi Schwan is a real person. Watch her some evening – her mouth never moves. Hell, her entire body is motionless. I really think that somewhere off camera Mayor Munson is actually putting the words into her mouth. That’s the only explanation for the nonsense she spews.


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