Kevin Garnett to Lakers?

This post has been bouncing around a number of sites, including a few affiliated with the NBA:

> KG is playing under an extension he signed in 2003. This
> extension is unusual because it contained a significant
> pay cut -- he went from $28M in 03-04 to $16M in 04-05.
> Now why do you suppose he took such a big pay cut? When
> you've figured that part out, look at the team as it's
> constituted right now, and ask yourself if you think this
> is what he had in mind when he gave up $15 million per
> year. Once you've answered that part, stop to think
> whether it's likely KG has a contingency plan, and in fact,
> agreed to such a contingency plan with Glen Taylor when
> he agreed to the pay cut.
> I think it's VERY reasonable to speculate that KG & Taylor
> made a handshake deal in '03 that the T-Wolves would use
> the savings to field a competitive team -- and in return
> for accepting less, they would agree to trade him if the
> team stopped being competitive and he requested it. The
> team made the WCF in '04, but tanked in '05. Since then,
> they've let 2/3 of their core go elsewhere, and made no
> moves that would help make them competitive again. They
> have a high payroll, and are flirting with the luxury tax.
> What do you think KG is thinking right now? Do you think
> there's a chance he called Taylor and said, "it's time?"
> If Minnesota -IS- committed to trading KG, then KG is in
> control over where he goes. He has a trade bonus, but
> there's a rule that says salary + bonus can't exceed the
> player's maximum salary in the year he's traded. KG's
> salary alone exceeds the maximum, so in order for ANY
> trade to happen, he'd have to waive his bonus. If there's
> a trade he doesn't like, then he doesn't waive the bonus,
> and the trade doesn't happen. It's effectively a no-trade
> clause.
> If he is being traded and controls where he wants to go,
> then there's reason to think he has the Lakers in mind. He
> & Kobe are tight, and for years have been talking about
> playing together someday. KG just built a house in LA. He
> showed up at a Lakers SPL game. He was seen at an event
> chatting up Buss, etc.
> If he told the Wolves to trade him to LA, then LA can put
> together a reasonable package for him -- certainly better
> than the one LA got for Shaq under similar duress. Odom
> would directly replace KG in the lineup, plus they'd get a
> starting C in Mihm, send DG home to play in Minnesota as a
> last-year, and net a couple first rounders. (Kobe would not
> be traded -- as Unabogie said, Kobe has a no-trade and would
> not consent. Second, KG's intent is to play WITH Kobe, so
> he wouldn't waive his bonus if Kobe is part of the trade.)
> Minnesota would also love to unload Wally's bloated contract.
> They've tried, but have found no takers. If they made Wally
> a condition of the trade, then LA could throw in Vlade, and
> it would balance out. Vlade retires, and Minnesota saves his
> entire salary.
> Possible objection #1: They would never trade KG to a WC team,
> or McHale would never trade with the Lakers. Response: trades
> of franchise players don't come from the GM, they come from
> the owner. If KG has an arrangement with Taylor, then Taylor
> just tells McHale, "get it done."
> Possible objection #2: Lakers are saving cap space for 2007.
> Response: Kupchak said directly that their goal was 2007, but
> if the right player came along, they'd scrap that plan. Could
> be he had KG in mind when he made that statement. Whether he
> did or not, KG would certainly qualify as someone to scrap the
> cap room plan for, especially since the key '07 free agents
> (Yao, Amare) now look like they won't be free.
> Again, this is just me putting together a scenario based on the
> premise that the trade is real.
> Larry Coon
> University of California


Anonymous said…
Boy, I'd hate to see this happen. I don't think it ever would though.

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