Good Luck, Traci!!!

It's a sad day in Hudsonland as my favorite person in the world moved to the big city of Minneapolis.
I can't put into words how great of a friend this beautiful woman has been over the past few years. She has a smile that can light up any room; a laugh that can cause entire rooms to turn their heads. She was encouraging when my mood was down (a common occurrence), and she'd gladly bust my balls when I'd get too big for my britches. When I was ill she'd bring me care packages; her birthday and Christmas gifts were always touching and surprising (particularly a framed poster-sized blowup of a Westerberg photo she gave me last year). I could rant to her about work and family; she loved my stories about my employees and my sister's babby/daddy's family.
Most importantly, she was able to do the impossible - dragging me out of my guarded fortress to socialize. Sometimes it was just a drink at the Top Hat; other times it was trips to see concerts in Sioux City, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. Even a blow-out Vikiings game surrounded by morons was a good time with this buddy.
Keep in mind that I'm admittedly not the easiest friend in the world. I'm moody, paranoid, guarded...the list could go on and on. Most people eventually give up on me. Not Traci. She was always just a text message or phone call away. I guess technically she still is, but my quality of life has definitely dropped a notch knowing that I won't be seeing her as often.


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