Sioux Falls School Board - Get the "Hell" Out of Town!!!

While it didn’t receive near the notoriety it deserved, last week saw a landmark election. The school district of Dover, Pennsylvania had recently included the controversial “intelligent design” program into their ninth-grade biology classes. Now the city is embroiled in a lawsuit that has brought great embarrassment to the city.
Last Tuesday, the voters of Dover told the extremists in their city that they had had enough, and voted out the entire school board. That’s right, eight school board members were handed their walking papers.
Of course, supporters of intelligent design like to claim that the issue has nothing to do with religion. Yeah, right. If that’s true, why did Pat Robertson recently proclaim that the city had rejected God. “If there is a disaster in your area”, he said on “The 700 Club, “don’t turn to God, you just ejected Him from your city.” What a moron.
Well, we better watch out because we could see this same scenario strike our town. The extremists have their foot in the door, and trust me they’ll never be satisfied.
Just a few weeks ago I complained about the controversy surrounding the middle school sex education curriculum, where a handful of complaints had affected the education of thousands of area students. These morons, who now supposedly number 29, have officially won after the school board unanimously voted this past Monday to get rid of the curriculum.
This was obviously an organized effort by fanatics who will never be happy until our school system becomes a daily version of Sunday school. They were able to manipulate the hearings to ensure that little to no opposition would be heard, and played the local media perfectly. (Speaking of the local media, a big thumbs down to my enemies at KELO for their daily cheerleading stories that never really gave us any information.)
To clarify one more time, the school system was not going to utilize the more controversial aspects of this curriculum, including areas that involved oral and anal sex. But the real issue to the moral minority? There wasn’t enough emphasis on abstinence, and the quizzes didn’t make enough references that people in the situations described were over 21 and married.
I just would like to ask these people a few questions. Would you rather your children be taught these subjects in a classroom setting with a licensed instructor, or would they rather the children just use google to find information. Trust me, you don’t want your kid to use a search engine on “anal sex”. And what about the surveys that show that children who are only taught abstinence have a much higher probability of pregnancy and sexual diseases? Where do they think the term “technical virgin” come from?
So the moral minority won this round, but don’t believe for a second they’re finished. They’ll come out and protest whatever replacement curriculum the school board purchases, and I’m convinced that there is an underground movement to try to push intelligent design on us. This is why it’s time for a pre-emptive strike. I’m proposing today that we copy a page from the Dover, Pennsylvania elections and vote out our current school board. I’m promising that I will never vote for any of these people who caved in to the fundamentalists, and I hope that everybody else does the same.


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