Missed Opportunity

This morning, I screwed up. I had the opportunity of the lifetime and I passed, punted, chickened out, or whatever other term you'd like to fill in that spot.

A little background - since I installed a satellite radio in my car I've been a fan of Opie and Anthony. One of their more infamous stunts is called "Assault of the Media". You see, they have the same disdain for their local news and weather as I do with the ass clowns that run our three affiliates.

"Assault of the Media" is a monthly contest where their fans (or "pests", as they call them) do whatever they can to interrupt live remote broadcasts. Generally, one or two people burst into the background of a shot with a banner promoting O&A, yelling something inane such as "Opie and Anthony, party rock, XM radio". Their only rule is that nobody is to touch the on-air talent. Each month a prize is handed out to the best "assault".

On my way to Black Sheep Coffee this morning, I was waiting at the 14th and Phillips stoplight when I noticed Scot Mundt doing one of those inane remotes just a few feet away from the "storm center". He wasn't even really standing in the overhyped "storm", which at this point was still just a healthy, non-freezing rain. He was just a couple of feet from the front door, covered by KELO's cement overhang.

For 30 seconds or so, I contemplated some sort of plan. Should I turn right and slowly drive by honking my horn? Or maybe I should jump out of my truck and yell "KELO sucks" at the top of my lungs.

Finally, I just drove on when the light changed. At the time, my reasoning was that Mr. Mundt was the least objectionable meteorologist-practitioner. The reality is that I'm a chicken shit.

I'd write some more on KELO's embarassing marathon coverage, but my buddy Todd Epp has a much better summary here.


PP said…
O&A Party Rock!

Or something like that.
Anonymous said…
Booo!! Scott's an XM subscriber!! Boooo!!!

Sirius 4 LIFE, Brah! LOL OMG ROLF
Scott said…
Yes I'm an XM subscriber. Let me explain - I'm a spur of the moment type purchaser. The day I decided I needed a satellite radio, I glanced at the programming of both services. At the time, Sirius didn't have Stern, Little Steven's Garage Band channel, and a few others that they now have. XM had just announced O&A, and they had Al Franken. Thus, I chose XM.

Odds are, however, that I'll have both services within a few weeks.

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