Hi-Def Help Needed

Last week, I bought a hi-def TV, and those geniuses at the cable company didn't do a good job setting it up for me. Despite the fact that I was told that the best quality picture came with the use of a DVI cable, I paid the cable morons $25 to basically tell me that the S-cable I already had hooked up was good enough.

So today I bought a DVI cable and hooked it up myself. But I need some help with the advanced user settings. "TV Type" I realize must be set to 16:9 but what about the "DVI/YPvPr Output? Is the higher the number the better the quality? And should the "4:3 Override" be set to off? Please, please, please help me out with these questions.


PP said…
I'm punting with this a little, as I own a HDTV, but I don't have HDTV service.

Are you talking about the settings on your cable box or TV?

If it's the settings on your cable box, before you set the HDTV level, find out if your tv is HDTV 720 or 1080. If it's the 1080, then use that higher setting.

Basically, make the cable box match up to the TV's highest settings.
Scott said…
I should have been more clear...I mean the cable box settings.

Thanks for the tip, though.
Anonymous said…
does cable hdtv look any better than the pixolated over the air broadcast they have on at sams?
Scott said…
Huge difference, except when our technologically-challenged local affiliates run syndicated shows.

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