Live Ledge #87: More New Finds

A fun, fun show tonight. The combination of themed shows and illness has created a backlog of new finds that have yet to be aired. Tonight is the night that I went through them, from previews of 2013 releases (Jello Biafra, Bad Religion, etc.) to new reissues (Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones) to cover songs of the Cars and Devo. There's also quite a few fantastic blog finds, selections from my walking posts...and my iPhone's interactive Siri app even co-hosts a segment and picked a song.
Don't waste any time. Grab this motha now from the usual sources that I list after every single show, or...


1. Gigolo Aunts, I Am The Cosmos
2. The Bent Backed Tulips, I Don't Know Why
3. Face to Face, Paint It Black
4. The Rolling Stones, Route 66
5. The Millions, You're All I've Got Tonight
6. PurrBox, Shake It Up
7. Four Year Beard, Got A Lot On My Head
8. The Graveyard School, Dangerous Type
9. The Velvet Underground, Run Run Run (Mono Version)
10. The Mallard, There She Goes Again
11. L'Assassins, Gonna Git That Man
12. Legendary Wings, I Think I'm Dumb
13. David Bowie, Moonage Daydream
14. Soul Asylum, Never Really Been
15. Supersuckers, My Victim
16. Devo, Mongoloid
17. Descendents, Uncontrollable Urge
18. Descendents, Bikeage (with Tim McIlrath from Rise Against)
19. The Lyres, Never Met A Girl Like You
20. The Lyres, She Pays The Rent (Bonus Track)
21. Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, We Occupy
22. Bad Religion, Fuck You
23. Swingin' Utters, The Librarians Are Hiding Something
24. Fear, I Love Livin' In The City
25. Sex Pistols, Here We Go Again
26. Biters, Oh Yea(The Bitch Wants More)
27. The Heart Attacks, Gimme A Fix
28. Strutter Motherfuckers, Gimmie Some Coke
29. Crash Street Kids, Cigarettes And Starfuckers
30. The Newtown Neurotics, Hypocrite
31. The Stairs, Last Time Around


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