Rural Ledge-ucation #78: Almost Thanksgiving

In four days, we have one of the few holidays I enjoy. Why do I like Thanksgiving? It's a slacker's paradise. Lots of food (and I haven't had mashed potatoes in months), football, and, most importantly, naps! There's few things better than a two-hour afternoon nap with a bulging belly full of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and other treats.
So why not celebrate this big day a little early? Besides odes to the actual day by the likes of Ray Davies and Graham Parker (what's with these Brits singing about OUR day?), there's plenty of songs about the items we'll find on our table. OK, I do realize that John Lennon wasn't really writing about "cold turkey", and I don't expect to find any of Mark E. Smith's "pumpkin soup" to be served. I just wanted to hear those songs.
There's also a few selections from my "Walking Rock Alphabet" project, which will end either today or tomorrow. By the way, now that I have walked the entire alphabet, does anybody have any ideas for a future walking/music/writing idea? Let me know. Please!
Grab this show at the usual spots and stream it for your family on Thursday..or you can..


1. Graham Parker, Almost Thanksgiving Day
2. Ray Davies, Thanksgiving Day
3. Drive-By Truckers, The Thanksgiving Filter
4. Hayes Carll, Wild as a Turkey
5. Cracker, Sweet Potato
6. Blake Babies, Boiled Potato
7. Hoodoo Gurus, Turkey Dinner
8. The Soft Boys, Cold Turkey
9. The Fall, Pumpkin Soup And Mashed Potatoes
10. Bo Diddley, Corn Bread
11. Noble Watts, Mashed Potatoes
12. Leadbelly, Somebody's Diggin' My Potatoes
13. David Bowie, Five Years
14. Elliott Smith, Waltz #2 (Xo)
15. Son Volt, Route
16. Wilco, Kamera
17. Jay Bennett & Edward Burch, My Darlin'


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