Live Ledge #90: New Finds

I certainly didn't intend for tonight's show to be so quiet. Generally speaking, Live Ledge is a noisy affair, full of feedback, screaming vocals, and incoherent lyrics. While there was still some of that tonight, this was for the most part the most laid-back, melodic Friday night show to date.
I probably should have figured that out when I was pulling tracks for the show. I knew that I had the banjo-led, acoustic cover of Johnny Thunders' "Born to Lose" in the set, and Jesse Malin's acoustic remake of The Pogues. And I just had to open with Camper Van Beethoven's "When I Win the Lottery" after my world travels were tragically taken away by faulty numbers on this week's lottery tickets.
When it's a new release show, though, you're stuck with the sounds of your most recent acquisitions. Tonight featured new music by Bad Brains, Guided By Voices, Cheater Slicks, and so many more, plus new blog finds of Chris Spedding, Jesse Hector, and quite a few others. Also, great weather created many walking excursions, so there are two sets that sample tracks from my "Walking Rock Alphabet" blog series.
It's a fun show, actually, despite the calmness of the selections, so pull it from iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Camper Van Beethoven, When I Win The Lottery
2. The Pogues, Streams Of Whiskey
3. Jesse Malin, If I Should Fall From The Grace Of God
4. Banjoey Ramone, Born to Lose
5. Natural Kicks, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
6. Adrian Edmunson & The Bad Shepherds, Rise
7. The Barreracudas, Girl
8. The Cavedogs, Tayter Country
9. The Rolling Stones, Road Runner
10. The Rolling Stones, Satisfaction (Live)
11. The Prisoners, Better in Black
12. The Prime Movers, Revenge
13. The Draghounds, Boiling Point
14. The Exploding Hearts, Modern Kicks
15. Flag With Hank, Don't Look My Way
16. Golden Smog, Red Headed Stepchild
17. The Murlocs, Psychotic Reaction
18. The Straight Arrows, Lies
19. Lime Spiders, Action Woman
20. Jesse Hector, Summertime Blues
21. The Mahones, Makes No Sense At All
22. The Evens, King of Kings
23. Bad Brains, Youth Of Today
24. Rites of Spring, End on End  
26. Archers of Loaf, Harnessed In Slums (Live)
27. King Tuff, Keep On Movin'
28. The Babies, Slow Walkin
29. Legendary Wings, Cartoon
30. Cheater Slicks, Hold on to Your Soul
31. Bang Bang Rock and Roll, Everybody Hates Me
32. Chris Spedding & The Vibrators, Pogo Dancing


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