Live Ledge #89: Black Friday Sucks!

Anybody who knows me has heard my anti-Black Friday rant by now. Thanks to KRRO, thousands of people who DON'T know me are aware of this bitchfest, as I go off on it every year. It just makes no sense. There is no sale great enough to make me get out of bed and deal with these idiotic cretins who clog up the aisles and camp out to save fifty bucks on a shitty non-label TV.
This year, though, I attempted to create a new a few laughs but little success. Instead of #BlackFriday, I propose #OccupyYourBedroom. Go ahead and set your alarm clocks for Black Friday time, but instead you all should use that time to roll over and spend some quality time with the one you love...or sort of like enough to live together. Have yourself a real Thanksgiving treat.
Tonight's show is all about tunes that are anti-Black Friday. Now most of these songs were not written or produced with this event in mind, but their anti-consumerism, anti-pop culture attitude is close enough to fit in my mind...and that's all that matters to me. :)
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1. Tom Waits, Step Right Up
2. The Monkees, Salesman
3. The Kinks, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
4. Meyerman, Judy's Out Of Fashion
5. Billy Bragg, The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
6. Alex Chilton, All I Really Want Is Money
7. Jonathan Richman, Rockin' Shopping Centre
8. Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, Burn Down the Malls
9. Weezer, In The Mall
10. Guadalcanal Diary, Always Saturday
11. Guided By Voices, An Unmarketed Product
12. Archers Of Loaf, Fashion Bleeds
13. Dashboard Saviors, Pawnbroker
14. Devo, Freedom Of Choice
15. Gang Of Four, Damaged Goods
16. Killing Joke, Age Of Greed
17. The Mekons, Empire Of The Senseless
18. Juliana Hatfield, Sellout
19. Babes in Toyland, Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year
20. The Slits, Spend Spend Spend
21. X-Ray Specs, Warrior In Woolworths
22. The Jam, Shopping
23. The Jam, In The Crowd
24. The Clash, Lost in the Supermarket
25. The Saints, Know Your Product
26. Fugazi, Merchandise
27. Bad Religion, 21st Century (Digital Boy)
28. Dead Kennedys, Winnebago Warrior
29. The Testors, Greedy Fuckers
30. The Jim Jones Revue, Where Da Money Go?


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