Live Ledge #88: The In Crowd

To say that I was impressed by the new Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, would be a huge understatement. Generally, I'm wary of most of these movies that attempt to tell the stories of bands whose lives are already well-documented. Between earlier movies and bootlegs, it seemed like the vast majority of material is already out there.
Crossfire Hurricane does tell that same story, but with brand new interviews AND, most importantly, primarily previously unseen footage. Even when the movie is discussing events that have been the basis of earlier films, most notably the disastrous Altamont concert, director Brett Morgen has relied on mostly outtakes.
Sure, there are portions of the story that didn't fit in the two-hour broadcast, and the band's tale prematurely ends in 1981, but so much of it is squeezed in. It's also not sugarcoated. We do see the physical and mental deterioration of guitarist Brian Jones, who transforms from an almost co-front man role on a live take of "I Just Want to Make Love to You" to a clearly wasted hindrance in the studio whose guitar is generally unplugged. Keith's growing drug intake isn't glossed over. Hell, we even see Mick Jagger do a snort off a switchblade!
In this latest Live Ledge, I devote a good portion of the show to a discussion of the movie, and also play a handful of Stones tunes. I also talk about the devastation of Norton Records due to Hurricane Sandy, and express my anger at my fine friends rambling on and on about the dissolution of Hostess.
There's also the usual mix of new releases, blog finds, cover tunes, and other favorites. Some of these new tunes include recent releases by Guided By Voices, The Babies, King Tuff, and realpunkradio buddies Torpedohead.
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1. Bryan Ferry, The 'In' Crowd
2. The Rolling Stones, Moonlight Mile
3. The Rolling Stones, Street Fighting Man
4. The Rolling Stones, Route 66
5. The Rolling Stones, I Just Want To Make Love To You
6. The Babies, Moonlight Mile
7. Biters, Born to Cry
8. King Tuff, Losers Wall
9. Guided By Voices, White Flag
10. Torpedohead, Cadillac Beach
11. Carrie & the Dirty Pillows, Porcelain God
12. Danko Jones, I Believed In God
13. Cheater Slicks, Love Ordeal
14. Forgetters, I'm Not Immune
15. Jets to Brazil, You're Having the Time of My Life
16. Jawbreaker, I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
17. Suzy & Los Quattro Sing With Tv Smith, What If?
18. Adverts, One Chord Wonders
19. The Headaches, Teenage Sex
20. Hasil Adkins, No More Hot Dogs
21. God's Favorite Band, 1st And 7th
22. Husker Du, Pink Turns To Blue
23. Soul Asylum, Sometime To Return
24. The Replacements, Customer
25. The Contras, S.O.S.
26. Paranoiacs, I Think I love You
27. The Fastbacks, What Ever Happened To...
28. The Undertones, Teenage Kicks
29. The Velvet Underground, Heroin
30. Nervebreakers, Hijack the Radio ('77 demo)


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