Rural Ledge-ucation #77: Even More New Finds!

I'm frustrated with technology today, so I'll keep this preview short. Today's show is a continuation of sorts from Friday night's Live Ledge (25k downloads in one day!). There's a couple of sets of the quieter new releases and reissues that I've recently acquired, and a set of some of my "Walking Rock Alphabet" favorites. Download it or stream it via the various online services, or ignore it if you must. Or...


1. Kelly Stoltz, Sunday Morning
2. Nico, These Days
3. Mike Doughty, Southern Girls
4. Kevin Seconds, Only Drug I've Ever Done
5. Grant-Lee Phillips, The Straighten Outer
6. Dan Stuart, What are you laughing about?
7. Peter Buck, So Long
8. The Quiet Ones, Find the River
9. Deer Tick, Bad Leroy Brown
10. Hank Williams, I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
11. Neil Young With Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill (Alternate Mix)
12. Son Volt, Route
13. Uncle Tupelo, Whiskey Bottle
14. Camper Van Beethoven, Life Is Grand
15. Nick Lowe, They Called It Rock
16. The Rolling Stones, One More Shot


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